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How many firefighters does it take to fight a fire?


The Truth About Firefighter Salaries, Pensions and Retirement Benefits in Marin.


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After an extensive interview process, Marin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775, has identified a bipartisan list of candidates it believes would be the strongest firefighter choices for statewide office in this November's Election.


Novato Fire Protection District Board of Directors (4 Year Term)

James Galli (Incumbent)
LJ Silverman (Incumbent)
Steve Metcho


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NOVATO, CA – Marin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775 will host a program for elected and appointed officials, as well as members of the media, known as Fire Ops 101. This day long program will give our local decision makers the chance to be a firefighter/paramedic for a day. They will perform hands on firefighting and rescue operations under the watchful eyes of career firefighters from various Marin County Fire Departments.

This workshop will demonstrate many aspects of fire and emergency medical service operations, from wearing the proper protective gear to actually fighting fires. Participants will be confronted with multiple emergency scenarios (descriptions attached) and given the opportunity to do what Marin Firefighters and Paramedics faces on a daily basis.  Each participant will learn how to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus, essential for operating in smoky conditions, as well as other tools of the trade including thermal imaging cameras and cardiac defibrillators.

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 Local 1775 thanks John Grey for 40 years as Local 1775’s attorney!  John’s first meeting was July 19, 1975.  John is an active member of the IAFF, after being granted special disposition by the IAFF in the 1970s while serving as an attorney and union organizer for Local 1775.

The Executive Board adopted Resolution 2015-1 unanimously at the July 9th meeting, “Recognition of John Grey IAFF Local 1775 Labor Attorney.”  John was also presented with an IAFF pin, union Executive Board polo, a framed original copy of the resolution (read below), a bronze inscribed trumpet, and framed patch collection showing the 11 patches of all local 1775 represented agencies.


The other shoe has dropped in the latest effort to roll back the retirement security of firefighters and it’s a profoundly devastating one for the next generation.

A new ballot initiative introduced today (June 4) would impose a Wall St.-style privatized retirement on new firefighters, police officers and other public workers, beginning in 2019. The measure would also require voter approval for any change in state or local pensions.